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Just like Latin became the mother of all western languages, Digital has become the mother of all successful businesses. But very much like Latin, few people understand Digital very well. Latin Digital started out with the purpose to translate web giberrish into traffic and conversions for your business.

Our core competency is building custom solutions that increase traffic and conversions using the latest technologies and frameworks in the industry. In this site you can see our previous work as well as learn about our team, process and important topics in the field of web development and digital marketing.

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Never Pay For Hosting Again

Our Static Website Development is powered by Netlify and JAMStack architecture. The Netlify platform allows us to provide an administrative portal for our clients to manage domain settings, CRM, analytics and repositories. The JAMStack architecture allows us to provide a free hosting service that serves websites on a CDN making sites up to 10 times faster and 100 times more secure.

JamStack Netlify

Lightning Fast Loading Websites

Our web development process follows strict Google Lighthouse criteria which allows us to build high performing sites that google indexes more efficiently. Google Lighthouse is an open-source tool for improving the quality of web pages. You can run it against any web page and run audits for performance, accessibility, seo, and more. We benchmark our development process using Google Lighthouse to guarantee top results.

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SEO + PPC Management

Content Creation, Keyword Optimization, Backlink Generation, Pay Per Click Management, Search Engine Management. We Create Custom Strategies Tailored for Results & Long-Term Success. A great looking site is only half the battle, the other 50% comes from building qualified traffic towards your site that then turns into sales. Through a careful combination of keyword research, backlink building, content creation and on page SEO we have helped many businesses rank on the first page of google for top industry keywords.

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Impossible to Hack

There's no reason to have a massive CMS with a database when you are running a fast secure and beautiful static site. With a static site, you don’t have to worry about malicious code being injected into your site when users visit it. Static sites are built on a production machine by static site generators, which take your code and spit out flat HTML files with CSS and JavaScript.

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Static Content Management

Are you having to get a new website every couple of years? Do you loose tons of time and effort migrating from previous platforms onto newer ones? Our Static CMS solution allows us to provide site visitors with a beautiful user experience and administrators with friendly admin interface that needs cero maintenance. Platforms like Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace etc are riddled with vulnerabilities and unnecesary code that makes websites slow, clunky and hard to upgrade. With Jekyll and Netlify all you have to do is access your site and update the content you want to update and thats it!

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24/7 Support

We offer dependable, on-demand support options including 24/7 technical and remote support and 4-hour and next business day global on-site support in over 100 countries worldwide.

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Local Businesses

We work with a variety of local businesses in Austin Texas. As a proud member of the community we love helping small businesses grow and optimize their web presence.

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We love partnering with startups that want to disrupt industry standards through technology. We are commited to making your vision a reality through performing technology.

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Digital Agencies

Having a technology partner in the Marketing and PR business is a must for success. By using the right resources we aim to empower your agency thruough engaging user experience and escalable solutions.

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Professional Services

We've helped Realtors, Lawyers, Doctors and many other professionals with their online presence. We take a leap into your industry standards and create a unique web persona that you can feel proud of showing.

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Enjoy Free Hosting, Lightning Speed and Unhackeable Sites with our Static Jekyll and Hugo Boilerplates

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